AFF Training (Florida Style)

Accelerated Freefall is a Skydiving training programme that will take you from a complete novice with no previous skydiving experience, to a fully qualified skydiver within one week.*

Our Florida, USA Accelerated Freefall trip commences on 14th March 2016 and returns on 28th March 2016

At least six hours ground training is required before your first skydive takes place. This training will be carried out at Skydive Headcorn approximately one week before the trip. The course consists of eight jump levels with your skydiving instructors, followed by 10 further consolidation jumps on your own (These solo consolidation jumps are not included in the course fee as they are not mandatory whilst on my course. They can be paid for separately as shown below).

Cost - £2580 including flights*, accommodation, car hire, fuel, tolls, top level personal accident insurance*, full continuation training, video on every level, full kit hire, USPA membership, final compilation DVD, and continued skydiving support on your return to the UK.

Additional costs - Consolidation jumps x10 £470, optional wind tunnel training from £30. You need to allow for 2 rejumps at £140 (this is only required if you do not pass a level). Food and drink money approx £250, Visa waiver £10(mandatory).

You should weigh no more than 15 stone and be under 54 years of age.

*The price includes flights if booked before 15th January 2015. There may be a supplement to pay if booked after this date as the ticket price may have risen. The price of tickets typically rise closer to the departure date. The price includes personal accident insurance, but there may be a supplement if you are over 35 years of age at time of travel.

The reasons to complete your Aff in sunny Florida are simple....

The weather, the aircraft, the altitude, the dedicated Instructors.........

The aircraft fleet consists of Twin otters, Pac 750 and the awesome Skyvan..........


We visit Daytona during bike week which is an amazing spectacle. Kennedy space centre is close by. Orlando is only 50 miles away so visiting the amusement parks on a day off, is a must. There are loads of other activities to do and visit. Have a look at the last trip compilation video and see for yourself what it’s all about.

If you are still interested in my Aff trip then simply call me on 07811 184923 and I will be happy to answer all of your many questions. Of course you can complete your Aff in the UK, but it can take a long time due to the weather, instructor availability and air traffic restrictions. My course costs the same as in the UK plus flight and accommodation costs, thats all. But we have much more fun........

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